Samsara is a Sanskrit word closely associated with a belief of born and reborn in various realms and forms. The business was named Samsara with the very reasons of it flowing throughout various realms and forms whilst the various economies it exists in.

The Journey

When most successful people and organizations are looked at, we often imagine geniuses with a smooth journey straight to the promised land.​ And when examined, nearly every success story, they are often filled with crushing defeats and countless setbacks. Enduring and emerging out of it Sameer Bhat, Founder and CEO of the group, built Samsara’s entrepreneurial origin.

Samsara’s history goes back to 2006 when Mr. Bhat established Samara’s first business vertical YouMix. Under Mr. Bhat’s entrepreneurial leadership pioneering Confectionery Pick & Mix in food retail chains like X5, Magnet, Metro, Auchan, Lenta, Okey, Hyperglobus, Gigant and many regional chains in Russia, his first business vertical was a huge success despite the fitful economic growth during the early 2000s in Russia.

Value Proposition

Samsara operates in attractive niches staying committed, competitive and innovative in its value proposition. Its success is attributed to clear vision, determined competitiveness creativity and attention to detail. Apart from being the largest Pick & Mix pioneer in the region, Samsara goes multinational with multiple businesses such as Agriculture, International Trade and Real estate.

Explore Our Ventures

Retail FMCG


Our Ventures

Retail FMCG


Founded in 2006 in St. Petersburg, Russia, Youmix is the leading Pick n Mix brand reaching over 1200 retail stores in 350 towns of Russia.

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Wholesale caterer's of Marmalade, Jellies & Candies.

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A Unique Concept

Using the pick and mix concept and offering a wide variety of jelly candies, chocolate candies, dragees and liquorice assortment at one price, we give our customers an opportunity to make his/her own candy mix depending on his/her needs, taste and occasion. It is as simple as Fill a "You-Mix" bag with any candies you like, weigh, pay and enjoy it. Take away a unique sweet collection of candies and jellies that can please you. Youmix actively participates in supporting Orphanages and Children's Festivals. Candies create moments of nostalgia. And people of all ages love them.



Our Ventures

International Trade

What we offer?

Samsara offers a range of agri-commodity products to the Business to Business industry. Our trade includes confectionary, nuts, coffee beans, grains, pulses, fruits and spices.

Across the Continents

Trade spans through Asia, Europe, & Middle East all year round. We reduce risks and provides reliability in supply all year round. We source our products from its origin at competitive prices and quality. Facilities are strategically located to be close to our customers and to growing regions.



Our Ventures


Mr. C.L. Bhat

Founder & CEO, Samsara Farm


Kashmir is referred to as the fruit bowl of India and apples of the region have gained popularity among the people across the globe for its unique yet delicious taste.

From the Heart of Kashmir

In India, Kashmir is the prime source of the total Apple production of the country. Kashmir is geographically blessed for the optimal growth of Apple and thus Kashmiri Apples are considered superior among all other regions. It has a distinguished color, shape, and quality that makes it unique and better than others.

Our plantations in Kashmir produces Apple varieties like Kulu Delicious, Red Delicious. Apart from Apples, our farms produce plums. Samsara Farms exports its harvest to other fruit markets and also working on its infrastructure to be able to supply its crop directly to major retail chains across India.

Furthermore, almonds, walnuts, saffron and honey are directly sourced from sources for our trading operations.

Real Estate


Our Ventures

Real Estate


Our holiday homes are quintessential for a short vacation with family and friends. Whether you’re planning to spend a couple of weeks in one spot, or tour around Goa, our villas are in some of the most sought-after locations since 2010.

About our Luxury Villas

Samsara offers exclusive and prestigious private luxury villas in Goa, and other states, helping you enjoy the best of your stay. Our luxury villas provide stunning views, sheer comfort, and total privacy. From an in-house chef talented in both local and international cuisine to housekeeping and concierge service ready to meet your every need. A stay in our luxury holiday homes will pamper you exactly as you deserve.

Land Banking

Samsara owns prime plots for future development purposes all over India.


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Samsara is a close-knit group of people who love working together. We are looking for people who can bring new skills, passion, and fun to our existing team.

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